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Human rights award for AWOL war resister Andre Shepherd

By PRO ASYL (Germany). September 1, 2015 On September 12, 2015, in Frankfurt/Main the foundation, PRO ASYL will present its this year’s human rights award to the U.S. AWOL soldier and asylum candidate in Germany, André Shepherd. The international conscientious objector network, Connection e.V., salutes this decision. “A tremendous amount of courage is required to oppose the Iraq War as André Shepherd did”, declared Rudi Friedrich today for Connection e.V.  “Until today, André Shepherd has still unsuccessfully tendered hopes of receiving a positive ruling concerning his asylum case. With his refusal to participate in crimes against humanity, he clearly not only questions the legality of the Iraq War, but also shows that this legally legitimate decision against participation in war should be supported through a granting of asylum.” In the invitation for the presentation of this award PRO ASYL declared: “With his application for asylum, André Shepherd assumes in this case the burden of establishing a legal precedence. Through his persistent resistance, he has risked his right to a normal existence in the United States. Almost eight years after his decision to seek asylum, André Shepherd continues to argue his case in court, knowing that his example is also that of the many servicemen resisting illegal wars. His efforts have made him a paragon of resolution and humanity. The foundation PRO ASYL gratefully presents him the 2015 PRO ASYL-Hand...

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AWOL US soldier before the European Court of Justice

André Shepherd’s political asylum case to be heard in Luxemburg soon September 16, 2013. Connection-eV (Germany) “It is good to see that there is progress in the case”, declared André Shepherd today. “We hope that the European Court not only has the will, but the courage to take a stand for the right to freedom of conscience. Other soldiers should feel assured that their decision not to participate in wars or crimes in violation of international law will be supported.” Several days ago the Munich Administrative Court issued a formal decision to request that the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg clarify several fundamental questions pertaining to the asylum request case of the American GI war resister André Shepherd. The Court of Justice is asked to examine “the degree to which an involvement in military hostilities is necessary, in order to offer the right of refugee status to a military deserter, who will be punished for his desertion”. The case before the Munich Administrative Court has been postponed until the European Court of Justice issues a decision on these matters. André Shepherd’s lawyer Reinhard Marx observed: “Here for the first time the case of an AWOL soldier from the United States will be tried at the highest European court. This shows the tremendous significance of my client’s case.” Rudi Friedrich from Connection, an international network for conscientious objectors, commented...

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