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Friends of Courage to Resist

Ward Reilly

Vietnam War Era US Army GI Resister: “I’ve had the Honor to work with Courage to Resist for many years, and on many successful campaigns.”

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Maria Santelli

Executive Director, Center on Conscience & War: “Courage to Resist has shown time and time again that war resisters and whistleblowers can depend on them”

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David Swanson

Author & Activist: “Thank you to Courage to Resist for working long-term on supporting some of the bravest and most effective resistance to war we have seen.”

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David Coombs

Chelsea Manning’s lead trial defense attorney: “If not for the efforts of … Courage to Resist, there’s no way that a president would spend the political capital to grant a commutation.”

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Edward Hasbrouck

Draft resistance organizer: “Courage to Resist is a model for what support of resistance can and should be…”

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Aimee Allison

1991 Gulf War objector and community organizer: “I’m so glad there’s an organization like Courage to Resist that really cares about people in the military and brings the whole community together…”

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Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret.)

Former US State Department diplomat: “I fully support the right of US military personnel who, in acts of conscience, refuse to go to a war of aggression, a war crime.”

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Cindy Sheehan

Co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace: “I wish my son, Casey, had refused to go…”

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s brian willson“In a society like the US where virtually every foreign intervention, everywhere, is grotesquely illegal and criminal, the most effective resistance is from the soldiers themselves…”

-S Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran & Peace Activist

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