IRR related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Courage to Resist first published “Resisting Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) recall” in February 2009. For a few years, inquiries from current and former military personnel affected by the IRR program were a substantial part of our daily work.

Today (June 2017), the IRR is not impacting a significant number of service members. That could change very quickly, depending on world events. When/if the IRR machine is restarted, the information provided here should be used as starting point based on historical practice. While many of the answers we provided will likely remain unchanged, the future military situation will likely dictate at least some new policies and procedures for the IRR.

Important Update: Some “Post-9/11 GI Bill” benefits affected by refusal

Regardless of if you find your question listed or not, please feel free to call us at 510-488-3559 to discussion your situation.