We periodically produce PDF newsletters that offer supporters a quick overview of our ongoing work. These are often mailed as part of fundraising efforts, which in turn generate the vast majority of our budget.  Please feel free to print and share.

January 2021

  • Opportunities and challenges after Trump coup fail
  • New “Voices of Resistance” podcast episodes: Mike Hastie, Mike Wittels, and S. Brian Willson
  • Resister Stephanie Atkinson: “How did our oil get under their land?”
  • Chris Lombardi’s new book “I Ain’t Marching Anymore: Dissenters, Deserters, and Objectors to America’s Wars”
  • Draft Registration on Track for 2021 Debate in Congress and Supreme Court
  • Chelsea Manning free and on Twitch
  • “The Boys Who Said NO!” documentary update
  • Kevin Zeese (1955-2020) Presente!

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