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Jasinski, Eric

Army intelligence analyst, Eric Jasinski went AWOL after returning from a tour in Iraq and being stop-lossed; though prior to being stop lossed, he was referred to civilian doctors for help with his PTSD – a medical condition that the Army medical structure was ill-prepared to deal with. When first seeking help from the Army, Jasinski says “"I went to get help, but I had an 8 hour wait to see one of five doctors. But after several attempts, finally I got a periodic check up and I told that counselor what was happening, and he said they’d help me… but I ended up getting a letter that instructed me to go see a civilian doctor, and she diagnosed me with PTSD”. Due to leave the Army in early 2009, Jasinski was horrified when in late 2008 he was stop lossed – at which time he went AWOL to find help for his diagnosed condition. He turned himself in so that he could move on with his life and finish school with the desire to become a social...

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Hutchinson, Alexis

Army Specialist Alexis Hutchinson was arrested when she failed to show up for her plane to Afghanistan. Having no one to care for her infant son, she was attempting to remedy the situation, when the Army arrested her and placed her son, Kamani into county foster...

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Church, Leo

Army Specialist Leo Church was sentenced to 8 months for going AWOL to support his family. Shortly after completing A.I.T. Spec. Church was informed of his families’ dire financial situation, and went AWOL to attempt to solve this issue, after being rebuffed by his command. During the subsequent trial and time spent fighting for his freedom, it was decided that his youngest child would need to be put up for...

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Agosto, Victor

Army Specialist with the 3rd Signal Brigade, Victor Agosto refused to deploy to Afghanistan on moral and legal grounds. He received 30 days in the county jail and an administrative discharge from the Army. During his build up to the trial he wrote the following on a counseling slip: “There is no way I will deploy to Afghanistan. The occupation is immoral and unjust. It does not make the American people any safer. It has the opposite...

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Stevens, Dustin

Army Specialist Dusting Stevens was told to go home and the army didn’t want him anymore. Years later, at a routine traffic stop, he was informed he was AWOL and that he was under arrest. While waiting in a legal limbo, with Echo Platoon, of the 82nd Replacement Company Spec. Stevens began to actively seek change in the legal running of Echo Platoon. Spec. Stevens efforts proved successful and in late October of 2009, nearly a year after Stevens was initially detained, Echo Platoon was officially disbanded. Two weeks later Spec. Stevens was finally discharged from the United States Army without facing court...

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Bishop, Travis

Sergeant Travis Bishop was sentenced to a 12 month term at the Ft. Lewis stockade for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. Sgt. Bishop served 14 months in Baghdad with the 3rd Signal Brigade. He was seeking a C.O. discharge at the time he refused to deploy, calling the ongoing occupations ‘illegal’and insisting that it would have been unethical of him to deploy in support of an occupation that he is morally and legally opposed...

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