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Hall, Mark

A veteran of Iraq and father, Spec. Hall is resisting stop loss in order to parent his child.

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Cortelyou, David

David joined the US Army at the age of 18, in 2004. After serving a tour in Iraq, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, David went AWOL twice, rather than return to service.

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Gorby, Andrew

US Army member, Andrew Gorby was discharged from the Army in May 2007 as a conscientious objector now works for the Center on Conscience and War.

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Neely, Brandon

US Army Veteran and current president of the IVAW branch in Houston, Tx, Brandon Neely refused IRR recall.

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Ivey, Blake

United States Army Specialist, Blake Ivey is currently stationed in Fort Gordon, Ga., is publicly refusing to deploy to Afghanistan.

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Sandante, Daniel

A mentally ill US soldier, Daniel Sandante, fled to Canada and was deported by Canadian authorities after attempting suicide

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