ImageUnited States Army Specialist, Blake Ivey is currently stationed in Fort Gordon, Ga., is publicly refusing to deploy to Afghanistan. The 21-year-old soldier filed for conscientious objector status in July but was ordered to deploy while his application was being processed. He is determined not to go..

…he is still actively serving on his base, weighing his options for refusal. Blake says, “One thing I feel strongly about is that nearly all politicians are liars, thieves, and murderers. I do not feel that we are a free country and that we are slowly seeing a rise of a police state that could match or exceed in becoming another fascist country with the illusion of being free. I try to envision a world where there is unbreakable solidarity from our fellow friends, family, and strangers. Many would call this Utopian, but its been said before that all great ideas and inventions were also labeled as Utopian at one time.”