ImageArmy intelligence analyst, Eric Jasinski went AWOL after returning from a tour in Iraq and being stop-lossed; though prior to being stop lossed, he was referred to civilian doctors for help with his PTSD – a medical condition that the Army medical structure was ill-prepared to deal with.

When first seeking help from the Army, Jasinski says “”I went to get help, but I had an 8 hour wait to see one of five doctors. But after several attempts, finally I got a periodic check up and I told that counselor what was happening, and he said they’d help me… but I ended up getting a letter that instructed me to go see a civilian doctor, and she diagnosed me with PTSD”.

Due to leave the Army in early 2009, Jasinski was horrified when in late 2008 he was stop lossed – at which time he went AWOL to find help for his diagnosed condition. He turned himself in so that he could move on with his life and finish school with the desire to become a social worker.