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Thurman, Michael

Michael began the 8 month process that would end with an Honorable Discharge. As of February, 2009, Michael joined the Courage to Resist organizing collective.

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Shearer, William

US Army Infantry, Iraq Veteran enlisted in 2002, at the age of 17. Attended basic training at Fort Benning

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Weiss, Robert

When asked why he deserted and refused deployment, Weiss replied “I had no intention of boarding the flight, your honor.

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Viges, Hart

“Now I see war, racism, poverty, and ecocide to be four corners to a table that needs to be tossed like a money-changers table in the Temple.

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Lee, Calvin

26-year-old Army specialist assigned to the 58th Combat Engineer Company based at Ft. Irwin, California joined the Army in 2004 after a zealous recruiter approached him at a civilian job fair in South San Francisco.

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Watson, Rodney

Rodney Watson went to Iraq with the U.S. army to serve his country, but instead was horrified by the “violence and racism a lot of American soldiers showed toward the Iraqi people we were supposed to be helping out.

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s brian willson“In a society like the US where virtually every foreign intervention, everywhere, is grotesquely illegal and criminal, the most effective resistance is from the soldiers themselves…”

-S Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran & Peace Activist

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GI Rights Hotline

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