ImageHart Viges joined the Army because of 9-11. Along with the 82nd Airborne Division 1/325 HHC Battalion Mortars he took part of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Upon returning in January 2004 He filed for Conscientious Objector based on the Teachings of Jesus. December 2004 Hart was Honorably Discharged.

“Now I see war, racism, poverty, and ecocide to be four corners to a table that needs to be tossed like a money-changers table in the Temple. These four evils are like a lawn full of weeds. You don’t get your lawnmower to mow the weeds down. They will just come back again like Nixon with Vietnam and Bush with Iraq. You pull these weeds out by the roots. We don’t have to look to D.C. to find the roots. These roots are right in your communities. The JROTC and Recruiters in our High Schools and the Taxes that we pay that fill the Pentagon are the roots that feed the weed of war.”