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On Friday December 8 we showed “The Ground Truth” and on Saturday December 9 “Sir! No Sir!”. We had a small turnout for our showing of the two films, but Montana VFP continues to believe your movement to support war resisters deserves to be publicized.

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We had a small but committed group of people for our candlelight vigil. Many people took information on war resisters; many honked as they passed our vigil.

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We produced a flyer featuring the images and words of several prominent war resisters. Our coalition has been holding vigils in opposition to the war each Saturday for over four years.

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The meeting room was filled to capacity, probably 180 people attended the event including the press from WBAI, “Law and Disorder” radio program; KPFK from Philadelphia, and others.

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UFPJ in San Jose set up tables in front of Martin Luther King Library from 11:30am to approximately 3 PM when the winds began to whip our canopy away and dispersed all of our printed material.

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40 people braved the rain to attend the showing and meet Iraq combat veteran and war resister, Darrell Anderson and his mother Anita Dennis.Joining Darrell were members of Iraq Veterans Against the War Deployed an organization

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Image“Courage to Resist puts the slogan of “support the troops but not the war” into practice every day. Their work to publicize and support the courage of GI resisters is an essential component of stopping the war machine.”

-Kelly Campbell, co-founder of Sept. 11 Families for a Peaceful Tomorrow

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