Worldwide Welcome Home Celebrations for Chelsea

May 18, 2017

This morning, Chelsea Manning shared her first portrait photo of herself. “Okay, so here I am everyone!! =P,” she declared on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. “Here’s to freedom and a new beginning.”

Meanwhile, supporters continued to gather worldwide to celebrate her freedom, and the success of the six-years-plus grassroots movement that made it possible.


Podcast: Emma Cape on building the Chelsea Manning campaign

Emma Cape was the Campaign Manager of the Chelsea Manning Support Network. In this podcast, she shares her experiences over years working with Chelsea and building a campaign that would lead to her release from prison.

Chelsea Manning is Free!

Organizers of the former Chelsea Manning Support Network describe how the fight to win Chelsea’s freedom was won, and share their reactions to this amazing victory.

May 17 events to celebrate Chelsea Manning release

On Wednesday, May 17, Chelsea Manning will walk out of Fort Leavenworth military prison a free person. She has served seven years behind bars, more than any whistle-blower in American history.

Podcast: Rainey Reitman on defending Chelsea Manning

In our new podcast, Internet privacy advocate, and Chelsea Manning Support Network co-founder, Rainey Reitman talks about helping launch a movement that would eventually free an American political prisoner and hero.


  1. Gillian Rayner

    What started out as a support group to gain the release of Chelsea Manning, has now become an agent of change to protect and support military whistle-blowers in general, and since these brave individuals are confronted with military law – they desperately need the support of civilians who care.. And we all need to care. There are some terrible injustices within US law – there but for fortune go all of us.Im proud to have been a. part of this brave, unrelenting and. I’m sure, exhausting campaign – even from the outer limits of Australia. United we stand-divded we fall – and particularly under the current regime. Congratulations to all, and particularly to the indomitable Chelsea.


    • mm

      We appreciate the support! Courage to Resist was founded about six years before Chelsea Manning was arrested, and it was our supporters who were among the first to rally to her defense in the summer of 2010. Here’s a overview of our work prior to US v Manning:


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