By Sarah Lazare, Courage to Resist for Truthout. June 16, 2009

Free Dustin Stevens and all war resisters!

  • Donate to Dustin’s defense fund:
  • Write: Dustin Stevens, 82nd Replacement Detachment Bldg., C-8750 Lae Street Stop-A., Fort Bragg NC 28310

At Fort Bragg, North Carolina, AWOL soldiers find themselves detained for months under difficult conditions in an extended legal limbo they cannot escape.

Dustin Stevens is one of about 50 soldiers being held at Fort Bragg awaiting likely AWOL and desertion charges that seem like they will never arrive, he says. A former soldier who refused to continue military service seven years ago because he did not want to fight a war, Stevens says that he and his colleagues are being held in legal limbo – a no man’s land of poor living standards and arbitrary punishments – while awaiting charges and possible court-martial.