Oakland, California: April 17th at the Federal Building

Please join Courage to Resist, Northern California War Tax Resistance, and BAY-Peace: Better Alternatives for Youth in saying “Fund the Future of the 99%, NOT the Wars of the 1%!”

We will use poetry, song, dance and theater to spread our message. Come share your vision of what YOU think our taxes should support! Bring a poem, your resisted tax dollars to redirect, participate in a performance or simply enjoy the fun.

We’ll end the action by sharing food, books and spoken word to show the government what it looks like when people take care of each other and build community!

Members of Northern California War Tax Resistance will be sharing resisted war taxes with passers by in an act of conscientious objection to war. Join us!

2-3 pm in front of Oakland City Hall (to prep if you want to be part of the flash mob)
3-4 pm march from City Hall to Federal Building with performances along the way
4-5 pm, Oakland Federal Building, 1301 Clay St. for more performances in connection with Global Day of Action AGAINST Military Spending
For more info: http://baypeace.org/

April 19th, 10:30 a.m, Cindy Sheehan stands up to the IRS in Sacramento!

“When the IRS takes Cindy Sheehan to court to try to force her to support the war machine that killed her son, other war tax resisters from Northern California will be standing with her.

On April 19th at 10:30 a.m., the IRS will ask a judge of the U.S. Federal Court, California Eastern District (501 I St., Sacramento) to compel Cindy Sheehan to give them information that would help them collect money from her. Northern California War Tax Resistance supports Sheehan’s continued refusal to cooperate.”

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