ImageKyle Snyder, Iraq veteran and war resister, returned from Canada to turn himself in to Army authorities on October 31, 2006 at Fort Knox. Now he is once again AWOL after officials at Ft. Knox have reneged on a previous verbal agreement with his attorney, Jim Fennerty, to discharge Kyle. His former unit, the 94th Engineers, now based at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, is slated to return to Iraq in January for the 3rd time. The Army wants Kyle to return to that unit, and will not say what they will do when he does. Military authorities at Ft. Leonard Wood have not yet returned numerous calls from Snyder’s attorney, Jim Fennerty, of Chicago.

Call Fort Leonard Wood Office of the Commanding General, Major General William McCoy, Jr., 573-596-0131 and the Public Affairs Office, 573-563-4013 email:
demand that the Army “Discharge Kyle Snyder with No Punishment”

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