By Courage to Resist. April 13, 2010

The Truth Commission on Conscience in War was held last month at the Riverside Church in New York City. The two-day event was an attempt to start a national conversation among community and religious leaders, veterans, and others about “just war”, international law, and greater freedom of conscience for service members. Currently, military regulations do not allow troops to conscientiously object only to certain wars, such as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, these “selective objectors” make up the majority of service members that Courage to Resist works with daily. A commissioner of the hearings, Courage to Resist project director Jeff Paterson noted, “Without recognized selective objection, the all-volunteer military is not all that voluntary. A renewed effort to offer some legal protections to these war resisters is overdue.”

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Rev. Herman Keizer, former director of Chaplaincy and Care Ministries for the Christian Reformed Church, served as the Honorary Host. Photos: Chris Meehan / CRC Communications