Tim Richard turns against Iraq War, settles in Canada

Aug 18, 2008

Tim Richard

by Courage to Resist | 15:42 min.

Tim Richard enlisted in the Iowa National Guard for six years in 1999. Just before his enlistment was up, he was notified that his new release date would be 2031! In November 2005, when he was training for deployment to Iraq, Richard went AWOL and made his way to Canada where he was able to become a citizen, since his father was a citizen of that country.

“It was the National Guard; I thought we would be doing disaster relief and that sort of thing…. After 9/11 I wanted to go get whoever did this to America…. But after the Iraq War dragged on for a bit I realized that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just a lot of poor people and a lot of dead bodies.”