By Courage to Resist. June 1, 2011

Much has been written regarding the death of Osama bin Laden. It is clear that this home invasion murder was not prescribed by international law. For example, Nazi war criminals were tried at Nuremburg. They were not just summarily executed. There seems to have been no effort to bring bin Laden to trial in any court. Thus, it seems that the home invasion murder of Osama bin Laden was about vengeance, not justice.  Capturing or killing bin Laden was the reason professed by the Bush administration for the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the United States.  Bush wanted bin Laden, “Dead or alive.”  With the murder of bin Laden, that “reason” for the U.S. occupation of  Afghanistan no longer exists.  It is long past time to end those wars. Courage to Resist organizing collective members appreciated the statement released by the War Resisters League: