Stand with Reality Campaign Update

June 15, 2018

Courage to Resist (CTR) and the Stand with Reality (SWR) campaign (aka Friends and Family of Reality Winner) have made a mutual decision, after in-depth discussions this March with Reality Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, that the SWR campaign should be led by her close family and friends going forward. Billie is an incredible leader and spokesperson and CTR is confident in this new structure’s ability to better support her leadership.

While this is the most effective and practical way to support Reality, CTR continues to support the campaign, both politically and with ongoing logistical support. Over a year later, Reality Winner remains behind bars, held without bail, for allegedly releasing an NSA document on attempts to hack US election systems by foreign agents. We cannot forget this Trump Administration political prisoner. Reality needs us each to do what we can to resist.

CTR is proud of taking the initiative to form the collective response to Reality’s arrest a year ago. Together we have built the SWR campaign, created online resources, and fundraised for a CTR-hosted Reality Winner Defense Fund, with significant support from CTR contributors. As a result of our collective efforts, this defense fund raised $97,236 against total expenses of $106,747. CTR has offered to absorb that $9,510 debt as another contribution to the ongoing SWR campaign.

CTR continues to work to fulfill a smooth transition with the new SWR team according to the needs of the campaign. Since April, the campaign website ( and Facebook community page have been managed by the new team with technical assistance provided by CTR and contributions made at the site directed to the family’s GoFundMe fundraiser. CTR has continued to manage the t-shirt fundraiser and tax-deductible donations received, and will be transitioning these projects over as appropriate for the campaign. Contact info for campaign supporters and those who signed petitions have been given to the new team as well.

CTR is committed to supporting resistance in a people-powered strategy against the endless wars of empire – towards a world without war.

-Jeff Paterson, Courage to Resist Project Director