ImageJanuary 3, 2007-Supporters of Spc. Suzanne Swift rallied outside Fort Lewis, Washington this morning to welcome the news that Swift had been released from military prison. Photos: Suzanne Swift released from the brig, supporters rally outside Ft. Lewis
On December 14 Swift was convicted by a summary court martial for missing movement and being AWOL. She was sentenced to spend 30 days in confinement and must stay in the military until 2009. She was released this morning with time off for good behavior. “Suzanne faced her court martial with strength and respect. I was more than proud of her,” said Sara Rich, Suzanne’s mom, following her court martial last month.

Swift’s case had garnered national attention since she was arrested at her mother’s home in June 2006. Swift had gone AWOL just before her military police unit was to redeploy to Iraq in January 2006. During her previous tour of duty in Iraq in 2004 and 2005, Swift was sexually harassed and assaulted by superiors.