“Suzanne faced her court martial with strength and respect. I was more than proud of her.” -Sara Rich, Suzanne’s mom.

On Wednesday December 14 Suzanne Swift faced a summary court martial for missing movement and being AWOL. She will spend 30 days in confinement and stay in the military until 2009.

Sara requests that supporters write letters: “PLEASE write letters of love and support to Suzanne. I want her to get mail everyday!”

 Suzanne Swift’s mom, Sara Rich wrote on December 15, 2006: “Suzanne faced her court martial with strength and respect. I was more than proud of her. She was sentenced to 30 days in prison and was stripped of all her rank. Being stripped of her rank was the most devastating thing for her. She is being held at the prison at Bangor  Naval base in Washington. Because of her sister having a baby any day we will not be able to go visit her for a while. I cried the entire drive home
and all night last night. trying to regain my strength. This will be the second Christmas the Army has taken Suzanne away from us. Christmas 2004 she was in Iraq.”
Suzanne Swift and her mother Sara Rich with the support of individuals  and groups across the country and around the world ending military sexual violence have put ending military sexual violence on the national  agenda. The issue and their stand has been national TV, radio and newspapers. Their courage, hard work and risks has moved thousands of individuals,  human rights, women’s, veterans and peace and justice groups to put  it on their agenda and begin to challenge the military’s acquiescence and complicity.