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As a sustaining member, you are the backbone of our work in support of military war resisters, whistleblowers, and truth tellers. Your monthly contribution will allow us to worry less about keeping the lights on, the website up, the rent paid, and more. Instead, together we can focus on the real work of carrying out our mission towards a world beyond war. Thank you!

Why are we asking some friends to sign up again?

Recently, Courage to Resist became a project of the Church of Conscious Objection (CCO). Same Courage to Resist mission and organizing structure, same tax-exempt status with a few additional advantages, but with a different bank account and tax ID number.

Since we don’t store your credit card or financial information, the only thing we can do now is cancel all previously recurring donations and hope (and plead) that you’ll sign up on our new system here in order to continue your monthly support.

Legal stuff

Courage to Resist is a project of the Church of Conscious Objection (CCO), a nonprofit (IRC Section 501c3) charitable organization, EIN 83-1810568. Your donations are tax-deductible. No goods or services were or will be provided in exchange for your contribution.

We’re using the DonorBox/Stripe platforms so we never see your financial information. That allows us to accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal¬†and bank transfers. In order to cut down on fraud and processing fees, there is a $3 minimum donation.


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