We’ve interviewed some of our favorite resisters in previous podcasts and mentioned their writing. This week, I’m putting all of those writers–resisters, veterans, and other friend authors–and their respective titles in one place.

Jenn Budd (jennbudd.com) is the author of Against the Wall: My Journey from Border Patrol Agent to Immigrant Rights Activist. Jenn worked as a senior level border patrol agent for six years before resigning in protest at the daily indignity, violence, and abuse of power that occurs at border facilities. Her work as a whistleblower resulted in serious and much needed change in order to protect children and other vulnerable people caught in immigration facilities along the US southern border. Available here.

Rosa del Duca (rosadelduca.com) wrote about her experience in Breaking Cadence: One Woman’s War Against the War. Rosa’s journey begins with her enlistment in the Army shortly after high school through her experience in ROTC and eventual recognition as a conscientious objector. In addition to this title, Rosa is a free-lance journalist, podcaster, and musician. Breaking Cadence is available here.

Kyle Toon is a former Army warrant officer, a recently recognized conscientious objector, and the author of The Depths Below. Kyle’s poetry started out a notes and became this collection, “…every word, stanza, and embedded message comes directly from the depths of my heart where only those with an open heart can recognize the capacity of love’s pervasiveness.” Kyle works with other people on issues of psychological and physical health, and describes himself as “gracefully imperfect”. Check out his podcast here.

I also encourage you to support our authors by making a request for purchase (“RFP”) in your local  public library system. As more challenges to the collections of public facilities occur, RFPs help library professionals develop collections encouraged by the reading public’s suggestions.

Do you have a title to promote written by a veteran, resister, conscientious objector or about the subject of resistance to militarism and war? Please send your suggestions to our contact form.