Overview of important developments in the international campaign to free accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army PFC Bradley Manning. January 15, 2011

200 supporters risk arrest outside of the Quantico, Virginia brig on January 17, 2011, in order to rally in support of Bradley Manning and oppose the inhumane conditions of his pre-trial confinement.

Bradley Manning speaks about his conditions (firedoglake.com)
By David House, Bradley Manning Support Network. December 23, 2010

Psychologists for Social Responsibility issue open letter
“Given the nature and effects of the solitary confinement to which PFC Manning is being subjected, Mr. Secretary [Gates], Psychologists for Social Responsibility calls upon you to rectify the inhumane, harmful, and counterproductive treatment of PFC Bradley Manning immediately.” Released January 4, 2011

Act to end the inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning
We need your help in pressing the following demands: End the inhumane, degrading conditions of pre-trial confinement and respect Bradley’s human rights. Specifically, lift the “Prevention of Injury (POI) watch order”. This would allow Bradley meaningful physical exercise, uninterrupted sleep during the night, and a release from isolation. We are not asking for “special treatment”. In fact, we are demanding an immediate end to the special treatment.

  • Quantico Base Commander; Colonel Daniel Choike; 3250 Catlin Avenue, Quantico VA 22134; +1-703-432-0289 (Media Officer phone)
  • Quantico Brig Commanding Officer; CWO2 Denise Barnes; 3247 Elrod Avenue, Quantico VA 22134. Note that CWO2 Barnes replaced CWO4 Averhart on 24 January 2011.


Updates from the legal team: Speedy trial, confinement conditions update, and motion to dismiss
By Bradley’s lead attorney David Coombs. January 13, 2011

Bradley Manning and the rule of law
By Kevin Zeese, executive director of Voters for Peace. January 11, 2011
Kevin is a member of the Steering Committee of the Bradley Manning Support Network and WikiLeaksIsDemocracy.org.

WikiLeaks fulfills pledge to support Bradley Manning
By the Bradley Manning Support Network. January 13, 2011

Information regarding donating to Bradley’s defense