swagJeff Paterson, Courage to Resist
January 1, 2016

In order to better focus our time and energies on our core mission of supporting war resisters (including Chelsea Manning), Courage to Resist is closing our online shop that has featured shirts, stickers, posters, buttons, and the like. We have come to the conclusion that offering up this stuff via a secure online retailing platform, producing each item, securing the items from various vendors, and then fulfilling each order, simply is not worth our limited staff time.

We are currently well into the process of liquidating our inventory of materials. When the stuff is gone, that’s it.

We have a lot of experience producing these materials, as well as the original artwork. We’ll be happy to assist any organizers, who in the future, might want to produce their own campaign shirts, posters, banners, etc. For example, if you’d like a few thousand Chelsea Manning info card and stickers down the road, we’ll be available to help you get them made and shipped directly to you.