On June 2nd, 2020, on the eve of a major protest against the curfew in Oakland, this statement was written to help organizations unite around a common understanding at a moment when the government and much of the media are looking to divide us from within. There are real conversations to be had about strategy and tactics, and the hope is this statement will help to begin that process in a way that moves away from blaming and criminalizing to acting with discipline, integrity and understanding. As we look to a future of powerful movement building in the interest of justice, let us also hold ourselves accountable to each other in new ways. Thank you for taking the time to read this statement, and please consider endorsing.

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Courage to Resist is hosting this statement on behalf of the organizations listed

The murder of George Floyd has sparked a nationwide movement, and our cry for justice is echoing internationally. Powerful protests are erupting worldwide. And the global police state is pushing back.

The main method the government uses to suppress major protests is overwhelming force and aggression, including flash bangs, chemicals, projectiles, and tanks.

The other method is to divide us from within.

During every period of upsurge and resistance – from Rodney King, to Oscar Grant, to Occupy, to Standing Rock – the government has exploited differences between us to divide and suppress the growth of our movement …