Solidarity statement to U.S. war resisters and Afghanistan occupation veterans from Zoya, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). October 10, 2009

Our message to all the soldiers who are fighting and veterans who were fighting in Afghanistan:

We thank you because we think that you believe that you are struggling and fighting in Afghanistan for bringing democracy and peace for our people. But unfortunately we think that you are also the victims of the wrong policy of your government. And that’s that reason that we think you should condemn this war, which is just bringing more sorrow and pain and blood for the majority of the population and the civilians of Afghanistan. And it’s not helping to bring democracy and security in the country.

And we also want to thank those soldiers who resisted and refused to go to Afghanistan and fight for this so-called “War on Terror”, which is more painful and which is more costly for our people than terrorists. We want to thank you and we think that you should come forward and give your solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, all the democratic organizations, and you should make aware your own people about the reality, about the real nature of this war.

And we think that all people of American and the West should condemn this war and pressurize your governments to stop this very failed and very unsuccessful war, which only our poor people and especially the women have to pay the price for, this war so-called “war on terrorism, and not the real terrorists.