Bradley Manning Support Network. November 11, 2010

This winter, millions of people will be sending cards to friends and loved ones filled with holiday cheer and warm wishes for the coming year. This is the perfect opportunity to stand up for Bradley Manning, imprisoned for almost a year for allegedly blowing the whistle on war crimes committed by US forces overseas. So add a few people to the list of holiday card recipients this winter. And if you’re planning a holiday party, get some colored paper and let your guests make cards, too! What better way to celebrate the season?

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Send holiday cards to:

1) Your elected officials! Visit and enter your zip code in the “Get involved” box in the right hand corner. You’ll get the information for:

* President of the United States
* Your elected Senators and Representatives

You can also find the contact information for your Congressional representatives by visiting and entering your address information into the box in the right-hand column.

Send all your elected representatives cards to let them know that you and millions of others want Bradley Manning freed and the charges against him dropped

2) Bradley Manning! He’s been stuck in prison for months – let’s send him some holiday cheer!

Bradley Manning
c/o Courage to Resist
484 Lake Park Ave #41
Oakland CA 94610 USA

Tips for sending cards to Bradley: Remember, Bradley will only get to see the outside of the envelope the first time you send him a letter. We recommend you consider sending a postcard so he gets to see the picture. You may have to send several letters before one gets through. To facilitate this, consider making three copies of your first letter- then send it 3 times, one time per week for 3 weeks. With luck, the third letter will get through! Above all, don’t get discouraged if the letters are returned to you. Bradley Manning needs your unwavering support.

Want to do more?

If you want to do more for Bradley Manning, then please consider making a donation to our defense fund, hosted by Courage to Resist: Even small donations can help! Visit for options and more info.

And as always, there are other ways you can work for Bradley Manning’s freedom. Click here for 10 things you can do today!