Guideline for letter is support of Kimberly Rivera

Kimberly Rivera is currently at Fort Carson, Colorado. She is part of a unit but her future is uncertain. She likely will face a military court-martial (and if convicted a lengthy prison sentence), but there are other options for command.

We are asking friends and supporters of Kimberly to write letters of support. These letters will be presented to the military by her civilian attorney in the hopes of persuading the military to not prosecute her, but instead give her a discharge. These letters may also be used as mitigating evidence for sentencing/clemency purposes if her case does go to trial.

Background about Kimberly:

  • Kimberly and her husband Mario have four young children: Christian, 10; Rebecca, 8; Katie, 3; and Gabriel, 18 months.
  • Kimberly’s objection to the war grew out of her experience in Iraq, and her faith.
  • Kimberly’s separation from her family is causing tremendous hardship for all of the family.
  • Kimberly was diagnosed with PTSD following her tour in Iraq, and incarceration would only exacerbate her symptoms.

Guidelines for your letter:

  • Address letters to “To whom it may concern.”
  • Please be polite and civil in your letter. It is ok to express emotion, but angry/hateful letters will not be helpful.
  • Please avoid political statements in your letters. The focus needs to stay on Kimberly and her plight.
  • If you know Kimberly personally, please say so in your letter. (Please also be sure and tell stories that illustrate the kind of character she has and why she should be back home with her family).
  • If you are military veteran, please say so in your letter.
  • Please include your full name and contact information in your letter.
  • Please state in the letter that you believe that Kimberly should be immediately discharged from the Army and not prosecuted.

Please send your letter to:

  • Postal: James M. Branum, Attorney at Law; PO Box 721016; Oklahoma City, OK 73172
  • Email:  girightslawyer (at) (please include “Kimberly Rivera” in the subject line)
  • Fax: 1-866-757-8785