Following community vigil, war objector who faced year in brig will be out in 29 days! Thank you to the 50 Courage to Resist supporters who contriubted the $2,000 to cover Ryan’s legal expenses.

By James Branum, lawyer for Ryan Jackson. May 30, 2008

At the hearing, we argued that Ryan’s actions were an act of civil disobedience that stemmed from his belief that all war is wrong and Ryan himself gave a moving statement in which he expressed his own views on the immorality of war and the necessity of breaking the law for the sake of conscience.

At today’s court-martial hearing at Ft. Gordon, GA, Conscientious Objector Ryan Jackson was given a sentence of 100 days in prison. With time already served, he has only 29 days remaining!

Ryan was also sentenced to a Bad Conduct Discharge, demotion to E-1 (private), and reduction to 2/3 pay for multiple specifications of being AWOL (as well as a minor count of having positive drug test for marijuana).




One local press account of the pre-court-martial trial can be found here.

While the good news is that PFC Jackson will be out of military prison soon, CPT Kenny (the JAG defense counsel who was part of the defense team) and myself are still preparing to make a post-trial relief clemency request from the Commanding General to seek to have the BCD reversed.

Thanks to everyone who helped to get the word out about the case. Also, Courage to Resist is still raising funds to cover Ryan’s legal expenses (they are still about $1000 short) so donations would be very welcome at

Please also write PFC Jackson to encourage him to stand strong during his
remaining weeks of unjust confinement. His address is:
Ryan Jackson; 1050 Remount Rd, Bldg 3107; Charleston SC 29406-3515

James Matthew Branum