Podcaster Needed, Anti-War Military Veterans Themed

Ongoing Monthly Gig, $150 per episode. Each 30-40 minute episode is expected to take 4-6 hours of labor.

Interested in being the new Courage to Resist podcaster?

Courage to Resist ( https://couragetoresist.org ) supports military war resisters. We’ve produced nearly a hundred episodes of our podcast, “Courage to Resist” ( https://couragetoresist.org/podcasts ). The majority of these episodes are straight-forward interviews with military veterans focusing on their first-hand accounts of personal transformation from military serviceperson to anti-war organizer and peace advocate.

You must be comfortable, willing, and able to represent Courage to Resist in this role, both in their interactions with interviewees, and as the primary voice of the organization’s podcast.

You must have some demonstrable previous experience with audio interviews, audio editing, and podcasting.

While most interviewees are expected to be military veterans, you do not need to have any prior experience with the military.


You will:

  • RECEIVE: Receive contact information of individuals who have agreed to record an interview with us.
  • SCHEDULE: Schedule the interview with the interviewee.
  • RECORD: Record the audio-only interview, primarily using a preset list of questions. Recent interview sessions have been recorded online with Source Connect Now or desktop software recorded GoogleVoice.
  • EDIT: Edit the interview, with consistent intro, ad break, and outro.
  • DELIVER: Deliver the edited and raw MP3 files.

Interested? Contact Jeff Paterson at jeff[at]couragetoresist.org