Lt. Watada and mother Carolyn Ho

Photos of Lt. Ehren Watada from Courage to Resist

These include: Lt. Watada’s initial June 7, 2006 press conference in Tacoma, Washington; His speech to the National Veterans for Peace convention in Seattle August 12, 2006; A press conference following the August 17, 2006 article 32 pre-trial hearing; A break in the January 5, 2007 pre-trial hearing on Fort Lewis, Washington.

Many of these photos first published here:

Lt. Watada hearing tackles free speech for soldiers, relevancy of truth
January 5, 2007. Fort Lewis, Washington.

Lt. Watada pre-trial hearing succeeds in putting Iraq war on trial
August 17, 2006. Tacoma press conference.

Military veterans stand behind “illegal war” refuser Lt. Watada
August 12, 2006. National Veterans for Peace Convention, Seattle

First officer to publicly refuse illegal war, Lt. Ehren Watada holds Tacoma press events
June 7, 2006. Tacoma press conference