Over 50 fundraising dinner parties and BBQ’s for Bradley Manning, accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower, are planned for Sept. 9th and 10th around the world. It’s not to late to gather your friends and host your own!

We are at an important crossroads. In a couple months, we expect the prosecution of Bradley Manning to begin in earnest with his first pre-trial hearing. To help us keep up the pressure, we are asking supporters around the world to host dinner parties, the weekend of September 9th-10th. Please Click here to register as a host, get materials and recipes, and get started. Or contact Emma for more info and assistance: emma@couragetoresist.org

Hosting a dinner party can be a simple and fun way to raise awareness and funds for the Bradley Manning Defense Fund. Friendly conversation over dinner is a great opportunity to reach out to connections who might not already know about Bradley Manning’s plight.


The Bradley Manning Support Network is powered by people around the world volunteering countless hours to educating their communities about what is at stake regarding Bradley’s upcoming military court martial proceedings: Truth and accountability vs. a culture of secrecy and fear.

While our network is people-driven, a campaign of this magnitude is not without significant financial expenses. These costs include: fully funding Bradley’s selected civilian legal team, producing and internationally distributing campaign materials, contractors for media and technical work, and a minimal staff to facilitate grassroots action. Now that appears the military will drag out the prosecution of Bradley over the next nine months or so, we need to ensure that we continue to build our campaign as to give Bradley a fighting chance for justice.

Thank you for supporting Bradley!

To donate to the Bradley Manning Defense Fund: