Pardon Reality Winner

September 12, 2018

On June 3, 2017, NSA contractor Reality Leigh Winner was arrested and charged under the Espionage Act for providing a media organization with a single five-page top-secret document that analyzed information about alleged Russian online intrusions into U.S. election systems.

Winner, who has been jailed without bail since her arrest, has now been sentenced to five years in prison. This is by far the longest sentence ever given in federal court for leaking information to the media.

Several months before Winner’s arrest, the FBI’s then-Director James Comey told President Trump that he was (in the words of a subsequent Comey memo) “eager to find leakers and would like to nail one to the door as a message.” Meanwhile, politically connected and high-level government officials continue to leak without consequence, or selectively declassify material to advance their own interests.

Join Courage to Resist and a dozen other organizations in calling on President Trump, who has acknowledged Winner’s treatment as “so unfair,” to pardon Reality Winner or to commute her sentence to time served.


  1. Edward C. Stengel

    Thanks for keeping up on Reality. I just wanted to say I read some tweets on “Stand With Reality”, and someone said since her sentencing that she had not been getting mail for 3 weeks. I don’t see why she shouldn’t get her mail since she’s still listed in the “inmate Locator” at the Lincoln county jail in Georgia.

    Address: Reality Winner

    P.O. Box 970

    Lincolnton, Georgia 30817

  2. Edward C. Stengel

    Reality was transferred out of the Lincoln county jail in Georgia today. She’s somewhere being processed into a federal prison, but it hasn’t been stated with one yet. Hopefully it will be the one in Carswell, Texas, where she wanted to go.

  3. Ali Mesghali

    Look, this is a noble cause. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to as that idiot in the White House for a pardon for Re. But you people need to understand that Trump talks and thinks like a four year old child. What Trump meant by Winner’s treatment as “so unfair,” was that he wanted Re to get a stiffer sentence. As far as Trump is concerned, Re should be locked up for life. That heartless idiot doesn’t care at all about Reality. I promise this oath to all of you. If Trump ever pardons Reality, I will eat a MAGA hat and take back everything I ever said about Trump. I will also vote for him in the 2020 elections – if he ever gets there.

  4. Edward C. Stengel

    Reality right now is in, of all places, an illegal alien immigration center in Florida.. Before that she was in a small town Southern county jail in Georgia. I think it’s time that Reality be removed from the custody of the federal bureau of prisons and placed under home confinement because the federal bureau of prisons has failed miserably in the performance of its duties. It’s just too bad Reality’s lawyers haven’t realized that yet.

  5. Edward C. Stengel

    Reality was transferred today, October 2nd, out of that Florida immigration center, and although I don’t know for sure where she’s going, I believe it will be to the federal transfer center in Oklahoma city, for a short time until they transfer her to her permanent address, which will hopefully be the federal medical center in Carswell, Texas, which is where she wanted to go.

  6. Edward C. Stengel

    This is unbelievable what’s going on with Reality. First they want to put her in prison for 10 years for telling the American people the Russians were trying to steal our election, then they let her plea bargain it down to 63 months, then they put her in a county jail in Georgia, when it gets time to take her to the Oklahoma city transfer station (where they take you in the federal prison system when transferring you from one federal facility to another), they said the plane broke down and they put her in an illegal alien detention center in Florida, then when they finally get ready to once again take her to the federal transfer center in Oklahoma, they say that this time Oklahoma city couldn’t accept her because they weren’t notified she was coming, so now they take and put her in another county jail – this time in Chickasha, Oklahoma. The United States government is guilty of kidnapping Reality Winner.

  7. Edward C. Stengel

    At long last, as of today, Reality has finally made it into the federal bureau of prisons, having arrived at the federal medical center at Carswell, Texas. She has spent the last 16 months in 2 county jails and an immigration center, none of which places she ever should have been. The United States government is a disgrace to treat a 6 year honorably discharged veteran as a common criminal. Denied bond 4 times, while everybody around Donald Trump was either allowed out on bond or never even arrested but simply charged with crimes, she should be able to withdraw her guilty plea for the inhuman treatment she received and be allowed to have a trial.

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