Courage to Resist. October 12, 2010

Courage to Resist is now a program of the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ)! We would like to thank the International Humanities Center (IHC) for their fiscal sponsorship during the first five years of our collective. Like IHC, AfGJ is a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.This relationship allows Courage to Resist to focus more on our mission of supporting the troops who refuse to fight, and less on the administrative paperwork required to keep a non-profit running. Like most fiscal sponsors, AfGJ hosts a number of projects. However, Courage to Resist is autonomous from and independent of any political organization, party, group, or other AfGJ-sponsored project.

“We envision societies which explore and implement alternatives to the unjust domination of governments, global financial institutions and multinational corporations which denigrate the world’s peoples and devastate ecosystems. We envision the development of a unified domestic and international movement of transformational grassroots organizations that promote a socially, ecologically and economically just world.” –AfGJ “About us” webpage

The Alliance for Global Justice mission

It is the mission of the Alliance for Global Justice to achieve social change and economic justice by helping to build a stronger more unified grassroots movement. We recognize that the concentration of wealth and power is the root cause of oppression requiring us to work together across ideologies, issues and communities. The Alliance nurtures organizations seeking fundamental change in international and national conditions that disempower people, create disparities in access to wealth and power, poison the earth, and plunder its resources.

We support locally-based grassroots organizing by sharing political analysis, mobilizing for direct action, monitoring the centers of corporate and government power, expanding channels of communication, and sharing skills and infrastructure. Our commitment to solidarity and to non-hierarchical democratic process enables us to respectfully listen and respond to each other within the movement.