A Day of Action in Support of Conscientious Objectors and War Resisters!

Courage to Resist is calling for groups, organizations, and individuals around the country to take up May 15th as a day of action in support of conscientious objectors and war resisters!

There are actions currently scheduled in Washington D.C., New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, there will be two days of events:


  • On  May 14, Mothers Day,  there will be an “Afternoon of Performance Art and Short Films”  to celebrate resistance to military recruiting and the growing opposition to war from witin the military at the Parkway Theatre in Oakland,CA with, Aimee Allison, headRush, Teatro del FEO and more!!


  • On May 15 there will be a rally, a march to a local military recruiting station, and non-violent direct action  highlighting youth and members of the community directly affected by military policies


  •   A week of actions titled Operation Refuse War will be held in New York City and Washington D.C.,   featuring an international gathering of COs and their supporters.


Why May 15? 

For over 20 years May 15 has been celebrated as International Conscientious Objectors’  Day, a tradition of struggle spearheaded by groups affiiliated with War Resisters’ International. Each year activities are focused in a country where C.O.’s  and objectors are being harassed or persecuted. This year  the international focus is on the United States’ denial of the right of soldiers to object to war.

Conscientious Objectors, GI resisters and dissent within the military deserve our support as they stand up for human rights and dignity, democratic rights, and international law.

Widespread public support and pressure can help protect these courageous individuals from feelings of isolation and from repression of them and their rights.

Please send updates on actions in your area to courage@riseup.net