Sunday, June 24. Meet up at 9:30am. Howard and Main Streets, San Francisco CA.

Not in the SF Bay Area? Organizer your own Bradley Manning contingent in a city near you!

We welcome all supporters of Bradley Manning to join our official contingent to send a very large, powerful, fun and creative message of support to Bradley, the US government and the world. We aim to creatively, colorfully, musically and fabulously call for the freedom of one of the most influential gay whistle blowers of our generation. If you are a person or are part of a group that plays music, performs, dances, does artwork or anything fun and creative, we urge you to add to and come be a part of our fabulous and diverse contingent. We welcome all individuals, organizational and movement based supporters to endorse and join us! We only ask that all banners, signs and messaging in the parade contingent be that in support of Bradley Manning.

Dedicated to equal human rights, he stood openly against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell & actively supported LGBTQ equality, and now he faces life in prison as the accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower. All are invited to join in support of Bradley Manning! Please help spread the word and invite your friends!

For more information, or to RSVP, contact:
michael(at), 510-488-3559
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“The gay community, our community, among all the communities in the world, we are the only ones that base it’s membership on integrity and telling the truth about ourselves, declassifying that information for the betterment of our entire lives, societies and families. When we do that we realize that the gay movement is more important than just for gay people alone…It was only Bradley Manning who did his job, who fulfilled his duty when he saw war crimes, he stood for truth…As we move forward as a country, we need truth in order to gain justice, you can’t have justice without the whole truth…So what he did as a gay American, as a gay soldier, he stood for integrity, I am proud of him.”
– LGBTQ rights activist and former army Lieutenant Dan Choi.

“He has participated in Pride marches and campaigned against the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ restrictions on gay military personnel… Manning is also a humanist and a man with a conscience. When he discovered human rights violations by the US armed forces and duplicity by the US government, he was shocked and distressed… believing it was betraying the US ideals of democracy and human rights.“
-Human rights activist Peter Tatchell

2011 Bradley Manning Pride contingents (SF top)