Amanda and Leo Church

By Courage to Resist. December 11, 2009

Two days ago, Leo Church was finally released from the Ft. Lewis stockade, an hour south of Seattle, Washington. Leo was sentenced to eight months in imprisonment for having gone AWOL, which he did in order to prevent his wife and children from becoming homeless. He tried to get help from his unit, but was denied. He and his wife Amanda were eventually forced by this ordeal to give up their newborn son for adoption. On their way home, Amanda and Leo stopped by the Under the Hood cafe today in Killeen, Texas (photo right).

Leo recently told journalist Dahr Jamail, “With everything that was going on, from me leaving, even though it was to care for my family, because I could find no support from the Army, Amanda and I had to place our son, Austin in a loving home through adoption. We did not want him enduring the strife that we had endured and for him to end up being fatherless, because I would be living in prison.”

For individuals interested to contributing directly to Leo in order to help him and his family get back on their feet, please contact Courage to Resist for more information.

Statement by Leo Church from the Ft. Lewis stockade. September 1, 2009