Kyle Snyder speaks at Peace Arch Park on the US/Canadian border, August 13, 2006 photo by: Jeff Paterson

“At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if this is something you can live with. It’s your life and the choice is ultimately yours to make. I said NO and I will never regret it.”-Kyle Snyder

Kyle Snyder turned himself  in to Army authorities at Fort Knox, KY, Tuesday, October 31. Before turning himself in he held a press conference at 10am in nearby Louisville at Central Presbyterian Church where he continued to speak out against the war. Initial reports suggest that the Army may be reneging on a previously arranged deal with Snyders attorney, Jim Fennerty, to discharge him and may send him back to his unit! Donations are still needed for legal fees and other expenses. Please consider donating today!

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  • Kyle Snyder speaks at Peace Arch Park August 13, 2006
    The most recent U.S. “deserter”  in Canada to go public,
    Snyder, speaks about his decision to take refuge from the Iraq War in Canada.