ImageJoined the US Marine Corps in 2004. Military police PFC traveled to Canada to resist Iraq deployment October 2005. Currently awaiting Canadian Supreme Court ruling on refugee status. “I kept trying to reassure myself that I could be a warrior. But I couldn’t let go of the fact that the intent was taking the life of a living, breathing, human being.”

“At the end of boot camp I felt that it would be easier to take someone’s life than to shot a deer or something like that. I didn’t really like feeling that way. I started questioning where my values lay, and I think they lay up here in Canada.”

“If you have any doubt in your mind of if you want to kill, start questioning yourself, question everything, question authority, question the people who are giving the orders because they are not always acting with the omnipotence that they feel they are acting on.”

“Coming to Canada has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. I have left everything behind—family, friends, my identity as a Marine and as an American—some things that I felt proud to be. I don’t know what it was that crushed that image, maybe divine intervention I hope.”

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Note: Video incorrectly identifies Christian’s last name as “Care”