On May 23, 2006 Katherine was court-martialed for refusing to train with weapons and received a bad conduct discharge and a sentence of 120 days imprisonment. With credit for time served awaiting court martial, Katherine had to serve 47 more days in prison. Katherine sent this message to her supporters after her release.

“Hello everyone and thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the letters and support you gave me during my time in the brig. i can not express how great it is to be home in austin again. i’m very overwhelmed right now by all i have to do to get resituated, but everyday gets a little bit easier.
fyi-for the last 3 weeks i was incarcerated i didn’t receive any mail at all because the postal clerk thought that i was trying to deceive her and orrespond with media personnel, which was against brig rules. it’s a long story, but i’m sure a lot of you had mail sent back to you because of it.

i’m very excited because i’ve decided to leave for mexico on the 24th for a personal vacation and i’ll be back in mid august. i will contact many of you then. i’m looking forward to catching up with people i have missed. thanks again friends. hasta luego.”