Friday, January 25th 2008
Noon to 1 pm vigil, 1 pm delegation

Canadian Consulate San Francisco
580 California Street, San Francisco

Support GI resistance! Help stop the war…

Join us outside of the Canadian Consulate San Francisco to voice support for U.S. service members who are currently seeking sanctuary in Canada while opposing occupation wars for empire. This is one of many events taking place across the U.S. and Canada January 25-26th to say, “Dear Canada: Let US War Resisters Stay!”

U.S.-Canada Days of Action set for January 25-26

The War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada) has called for a Canada-wide mobilization on Saturday, January 26th to ensure that deportation proceedings against U.S. war resisters cease immediately, and that a provision be enacted by Parliament in order to allow resisters to stay.

Courage To Resist calls for U.S. Nationwide Actions in conjunction with these efforts being undertaken in Canada to support War Resisters.

Organizers affirm that it is crucial to maintain momentum following an important victory in early December where the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration voted 7 to 4 to recommend that the Canadian government immediately implement a program to allow Iraq War resisters (and resisters of any war not sanctioned by the United Nations) and their families to stay in Canada.

In the United States, supporters are encouraged to organize delegations of concerned community members to visit local Canadian Consulates across the country on Friday, January 25. Additionally, supporters are urged to hold vigils or other public events that day, or the following day Saturday, January 26 in support of war resisters. More information and January 25-26 organizing tools coming soon from Courage To Resist — but start making plans for events in your area!