This FAQ is related to Courage to Resist’s “Resisting Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) recall” published February 2009. If this question is of interest to you, please read our overview first.

No, based on all available information of past and current practices, policies, and judicial authority, that is not true. This is only one of many false declarations that the military uses to convince members of the IRR to comply with involuntary activation. Here are other threats we are well aware of:

  • You will have a warrant issued for your arrest
  • You may (or will) face court martial and jail for AWOL/UA and missing movement if you don’t report.
  • Your family may be charged with harboring a fugitive
  • Your future will be ruined by a bad discharge
  • You will lose your military benefits
  • You may be executed as a deserter

Again, each of these threats is simply not true based on all available information. We are not aware of a single documented case of an IRR resister being subjected to any of these punitive measures.

The military officially claims that approximately 2,300 members of the IRR have simply failed to report as as ordered for involuntary activation since 2001. Based on our work, we believe that the actual number is higher, maybe double.

However, what is important to note regarding these figures is that the military acknowledges that they have never taken judicial action against an IRR soldier. Not a single individual has been charged or convicted of not reporting for involuntary activation.

Courage to Resist is unaware of any IRR resister who has faced legal consequences or a loss of benefits. That doesn’t mean it is impossible for any particular case to be a first. However, it would seem that the most likely “worst case situation” is that a resister could somehow be compelled to report for activation after initially refusing.
Resisting Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) recall by Courage to Resist. February 2009