This FAQ is related to Courage to Resist’s “Resisting Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) recall” published February 2009. If this question is of interest to you, please read our overview first.

The certified letters, phone calls, and possibly even visits can be very intimidating, but there are no significant negative repercussions that can be anticipated as a result of not reporting for involuntary activation. With that in mind, there really is no need to turn your life upside-down to hide.

Many individuals do change their phone number, or at least change their outgoing voice greeting to something that does not include their name. If someone in your household answers the phone and finds themselves speaking to the military, they could simply explain, “That person can not be reached at this number. Please do not call back.” Then hang up. Repeat as needed.

In the remote possibility that you (or members of your household) find yourself being questioned about this situation by law enforcement authorities, it is important to not lie about the situation—but to formally refuse to make any comments or statements instead. You certainly do not want to risk being charged and convicted of making false statements to your local police in order to hide the fact that you did not report for IRR activation.