Different Drummer Cafe, GI Coffeehouse, to open its doors Oct. 27, 2006

The first G.I. Coffehouse, of the current Iraq war, is planning to open its doors to servicemembers and their guests on October 27, 2006 in Watertown, New York.

For more information, and a full schedule of events, visit:

The Different Drummer Cafe, located near Ft. Drum, hopes to “to provide soldiers and families at Ft. Drum with an inviting and comfortable (and warm!) place to socialize and to hear music and other live entertainment. Soldiers will also have access to legal counselling, a bookstore, and a regular program of film showings and discussions on current issues.” The cafe is a project of Citizen Soldier.

Some upcoming events planned at the cafe, all FREE, include a “Halloween Kickoff Party” with live music, a screening of “The Ground Truth” , and a “Veteran’s Day Gala” featuring a local blues band.