Last year Fort Bragg military commanders hosted a conservative religious concert by Billy Graham Ministries. When atheist soldier Sgt. Justin Griffith complained about the official support granted to the evangelistic concert, base officials denied favoritism. Sgt. Griffith has already overcome huge obstacles placed in his way and is well on his way to making Fort Bragg officials live up to their promise of hosting a comparable atheist event. The Rock Beyond Belief concert and rally is set for March 31, 2012.

By Sgt. Justin Griffith, Rock Beyond Belief. October 6, 2011

Foxhole Atheists are on the cusp of real change. We need your help. We need you to care.

We are the 20+%. We’ve been silenced, threatened, intimidated, and treated as ‘un-American’ for too long. The non-religious military community is the DoD’s second largest religious demographic, outnumbering the next largest group by two orders of magnitude.

Across the globe, non-theists in uniform are starting to seek each other out and shed the fear of discovery. The epicenter of the changing atmosphere is at Fort Bragg, NC. We’ve already been fighting for this to happen for a year now, and now the commanders are really listening.

Please – simply show up and stand with us at the Ft. Bragg Main Post Parade Field next Spring. This is an incredibly unique opportunity, and one that was unthinkable a few years ago. It may only happen this one time, but you’re all invited.