Good news for those in the truth in recruiting world. The army fell 25% short of its recruiting goal of 60,000 new people in 2022. Optimistically, 15,000 young people in the Generation Z demographic (those born after 1997) did not enlist in the military.

That’s exciting news.

It’s also challenging news. It means that the military is getting desperate, and therefore “creative” when it comes to bringing up the numbers.
That creativity is currently recycling the 1980’s with the old tagline, “Be All You Can Be”. Advertising is directed at young people facing a new set of world circumstances: active climate collapse, a student loan system that may or may not be forgiven, different cultural concerns than generations previous in contrast to a young person’s genuine desire to do something good in the world.

The pressure is on to get new humans in, and ironically, recruiting personnel are themselves experiencing stop-loss orders–extending their gigs as recruiters past their initial contract dates!

So go Team Truth in Recruiting! We’ve contributed to creating one of the most challenging recruitment environments in years for the Army. Let’s continue to advocate for students, Gen Z, and those who come after. Are you counter recruiting in local schools? Online in your blog, discord channel, instagram? Do you want to know more about Truth in Recruiting? We’d like to hear from you.