July 8, 2008 update

Another way of supporting Courage to Resist is by donating “things”, or making a donation earmarked for a specific item. These donations are tax-deductible. We’re trying to update the technical resources that we use in our daily work. Currently we’re in need of a 19″ or large LCD monitor, a new PC desktop for use as a fileserver, and two FileMaker Pro 9 database licenses. Below are detailed descriptions of the needed items, including estimated values, and specific descriptions in case you wish to purchase an item new on our behalf. However, if you can donate any of these items in working/good condition, please call us at 510-488-3559.

Also, your financial contribution towards helping us buy any of these items that we are not able to get donated is of course very welcome. If you would like to donate towards the expense of a specific item, please note the item in the comments field during the donation checkout process.

(Qty 1) LCD Flat Panel Monitors (19” or larger)
Our current large, old CTR monitors are hard on the eyes of volunteers, energy inefficient, and use valuable desk space. If purchasing new, we suggest the Samsung 19″ LCD monitor available for approximately $210 each.

(Qty 1) New PC Desktop Computer
We need to replace a five-year-old PC with one that can efficiently run current graphics and audio editing applications. If purchasing new, we suggest a Dell Vostro 200 Mini-tower (E4500, 2G Ram, Windows XP w/ 20″ LCD) $550.

(Qty 2) FileMaker Pro licenses (Version 9)
Additional licenses will allow more than one volunteer to update our database simultaneously. This is actually pretty important in maximizing volunteer hours. New licenses are $280 each. However, we qualify for a non-profit discount via education software vendors (and eBay), approx. $180 each. If you purchase a license, we don’t even need the installation media, just the license serial number(s).

“Thank you!” to D.M. of Santa Barbara CA for donating a new Canon Rebel digital SLR camera (4/11/08). Up to now we have relied on our personal compact cameras for the photo documentary you see at With this shared, higher quality digital SLR camera we hope to improve our photos/graphics, and empower volunteers to get involved in this part of the work.

“Thank You!” to T.M. of San Francisco CA for donating a LCD monitor (5/15/08).