HR 4909By Courage to Resist. May 1, 2016.

On April 27th, a congressional committee voted to extend the draft to women as well as men. The vote, held by the House Armed Service committee, attached an amendment to a “must-pass” annual military spending authorization bill (HR 4909).

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If the bill passes without the amendment being addressed, the President would be given the right to order women to register for the draft.

Since HR 4909 is an annual bill concerning military spending, it is certain to be approved. Unless the amendment is addressed, it will be passed.

What should I do now if I don’t want to register for the draft — and I don’t want anyone else to have to register either?

  • Contact your representative in Congress today and urge them to remove the amendment to H.R. 4909 to extend draft registration to women. Tell Congress that resistance will make draft registration of women unenforceable, as it has for men
  • Encourage your representative to sponsor H.R. 4523, a separate bi-partisan bill that would end draft registration entirely and abolish the Selective Service System
  • Sign the petition in support of HR 4523, the bill proposed to abolish the military draft
  • Spread the word to family and friends with this printable leaflet
  • Women aged 18-26 can send “I Won’t Go” or “We Won’t Go” statements for publication on with their name or anonymously

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