Rosa del Duca is veteran of the Army National Guard. We’ll be highlighting Rosa’s journey on how she “became not only a conscientious objector, but a feminist and unlikely rebel” in an upcoming Courage to Resist podcast episode.

Rosa has her own podcast entitle, “Breaking Cadence: Insights From a Modern-Day Conscientious Objector.” In her most recent episode, she introduces the “Intersectionality & the U.S. Military Draft” panel at the Peace and Justice Studies Association conference.

Congress is poised to expand draft registration to young women. Some argue it’s a sign of equal rights, of progressive feminist values. But during a panel at the 2021 Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference, three remarkable speakers debunk that theory and explain why the draft should be abolished once and for all. The panel was called “Intersectionality & the U.S. Military Draft” and features Rivera Sun, Edward Hasbrouck, Sebastian Muñoz-McDonald (and Rosa del Duca).

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